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Aluminium Coated Steel Chain Link Security Fence

Alu alloy coated chain link fence offer the following features:
Corrosion resistance, lightness, long life time, high tensile and easy installation, suitable to the harsh sea / ocean environment.

Standards meeting:
ASTM A 491 Aluminum-Coated Steel Chain Link Fence
ASTM F567 Installation of Chain Mesh Fencing.
ASTM A 817 Metallic-Coated Wire for use in Chain-Link Fence Fabric (Fencing, Wire and Post Metal)

Popular sizes

Material: Aluminized wire.
Opening in inches: 1, 1.5, 2, 2.25, 2.4, 2.5, 3 and 4 inches.
Wire diameter: BWG 19-BWG 8 (1.0mm to 4.20mm ).
Length of the roll: 1.0 to 50m.
Width of the roll: 0.5 to 5.0m.

Exported Products with Details

Perimeter Fence System for Dubai – UAE, including four parts:

1- Chain Link Fence:
a- Opening : 50mm
b- Wire diameter : 3.50mm after coated
c- Length of the roll : 15m
d- Width of the roll: 2m
e- Surface: Aluminium coating or galv.

2- Columns / Posts: Aluminized finish
a- Length of column : 2600 mm
b- Diameter : 2.5 inches
c- Post wall thickness : 3 mm
Column posts, at end of column will be italic angle of 45 degrees, containing 3 slots to enter Barbed wire.

3- Barbed wire, aluminized steel:
Thickness 3 mm after pvc coated or aluminium coating.

4- Arm angle 45 degrees : contains 3 slots to enter Barbed wire.
All accessories shall be aluminum coating finish.

Fabric End Types

Chain link knitting, easy and flexible for installation and connecting, beautiful and practical for use.
Knuckle x Knuckle ( with bent over top and bottoms, barbed twist or double sided barbed.


High Tensile Mesh Fabrics

Aluminum Coating Steel Fence
9 gauge wire mesh fence of aluminized steel material



Modular Fence Panels with Mobile Base Feet 

Chain-linking woven wire mobile fencing

Razor Barbed Wire

Perimeter Security Fence with Chain Link Mesh Fabric and Barbed Wire
Razor barbed concertina wire plus chain link wire mesh = high security fence system

In rolls, PVC with both end.
Rolls chain link fabric wrap woven bag at top and bottom.
Framework and gate in pallets, out wrap with plastic film to prevent moist
Fittings in woven bag.
At last all in 20ft or 40ft container.