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Full-Automatic Chain Link Fence Machine

Our company has been focusing on production of chain link fence ( diamond mesh) machine for over 18 years. We have rich experiences and strong technical and research capacity in producing fully auto chain link mesh weaving machines.

Full automatic chainlink fence machine uses single wire and double wire weaving technology, designed with gas cylinder as power generator and micro weak power control. The machine has fast weaving frequency, more precise positioning, and becomes more convenient and practical with further streamlining structure. The new design can effectively reduce the equipment cost for user, also it has less possibility of needing after-sales maintenance.

Full auto chain link fence machine occupies a very small spacing with double wire weaving simutaneously, auto cutting, auto conveying and auto edge treatment and auto rolling.

Materials for Weaving
Galvanized wire
PVC Coated wire
Vinyl Coated Wire
Aluminized Steel Wire

Main technical parameters:
1.Dimension: length:3.6m width:2m height:1.68m
2.The preparation of aperture:8mm-100mm
3.Productivity: 60-120 square meters / hour
4.Wire diameter: 1.0mm-4.0mm
5.Wire standards with: GB3081-82 YB544-65
6.Wire material: B 1 F-B 3F
7.Mesh width: 0.6m-2m
8.Length: Optional
9.Power: 1.5kw-4.0kw
10.Weight: 1.9T

Machine structure
1.main machine
2.Control Cabinet and display panel
3.Conveying-off unit

We offer

Machine for producing chain link mesh 60x60mm
Machine with working roll width 2000 mm, wire diameter 1.5 – 3.0 mm, mesh 60 x 60 mm.
6 meter width chain link fencing making machine
Fencing capacity (speed) :140m2 / hour, fencing option up to 6 meters height.(the minimum could be any size)

Double Wire and Single Wire, Auto Weaving Machine Technical Details


Double Wire
Chain Link Fencing Machine

Single Wire
Chain Link Fencing Machine

Wire Diameter(mm) 1.8-4.5 1.5-4.5
Opening Size(mm) 30-110 20-100
Weaving Width(mm) 500-4000 600-4000
Max Speed(r/min) 1900 800
Weight(kg) 1800 4000 
Outside Size(mm) 5800×2200×1700 4900×4500×2500


12.5 gauge galvanized wire chain link fence making machine
Machine to make chain link fence of 12.5 gauge (2mm) galvanized wire, max mesh roll width 2.4 meter, designed with dual-wire input,continuous working system as 24 hours. 

30-100 Model full automatic chain link machine:

1. Width scope of weaving: 1-4m
Wire scope of weaving: 2-4mm
Mesh scope of weaving: 30-100mm
With 3 sets of mesh model at buyer's requirements

2. The machine is controlled by PLC automatic controller, so only one person is needed to operate it

3. The output per minute: for example: If the mesh is 50x50mm, width: 2m, the output will be: 1M2 min.

4. Suitable wire to the machine: the tensile scope of the wire 300-500N/M2

5. Use compacting machine to make it into rolls

6. Total power of equipment 11kw

7. Weight of equipment: 4200kg

8. Outside size: main machine: 6700x1430x1800mm

We export wire mesh machine with complete after sales service:
Training of installation of machines;
Training of workers operating the machines;
On-site training and solution by our experts.