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Semi-Automatic Chain Link Fence Mesh Machine

Semi auto chain link fence machine is designed for manufacturing chain link mesh fences of different sizes. The wire is taken in from the stand, then pass through the dies where the DIAMOND HOLE is formed. Different spacing of diamond holes available. The diamond pattern wire is automatically fed on the winding shaft in the linking process. The chain link mesh is automatically wound to form rolls when the desired length is manufactured.

Semi-automatic chain link fence machine is easy for operation and control.
The machine is controlled by PLC automatic controller, so only one person is needed to operate it.
The surface of the chain link fence mesh is flat.
This machine has reliable function, less troubles and easy maintenance.
Especially suitable for setting up small scale plant / production factories.

Two types:
According to wire feeding
Semi auto dual wire input chain link fence machine
Semi auto single wire chain link fence machine

Main Technical Parameters:

Machine for manufacturing 25mm hole size chain link mesh

LXH-60-120 Model:
Dimension: length:2.9m x width:0.57m x height:0.85m
Maximum working platform:8000mm 
Maximum weaving width:4.0m(Can be customized based on customer requirements)
Maximum wire diameter:4.0mm, minimum wire diameter:1.0mm 
Productivity: 60-120 square meters / hour
Weight: 0.28T.

LXH-15-20 Model:

Machine for weaving 5.0mm wire diameter into mesh fabric

Main technical data:
Outside dimensions: Length: 2400mm, width: 4400mm, height: 2500mm
Maximum working platform: 8000mm, maximum weaving width: 8000mm
Maximum weaving aperture: 52x52mm
Maximum wire diameter: 4.0mm, minimum wire diameter: 1.0mm
Power: 3KW/ set, 0.12KW/set
Productivity: 15-20 m2 /hour
Total weight: 1.5T.